I help men thrive

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Get unstuck

We all feel stuck from time to time. Sometimes we move on by ourselves, sometimes we need help.

I help men – just like you – get unstuck.

There’s no judgement or shame. All I do is help you find a way to overcome what is causing you trouble right now.

It really doesn’t matter why you feel stuck. What we will do together is work out how you can let go and move on.

Often, the first step is getting you out of your head.

Then, I can help you discover new ways to respond to challenges, overcome life’s hurdles, find joy, and thrive.

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Elevate your awareness & consciousness

Many of the challenges that we face are beyond the reach of normal everyday consciousness.

Our traumas are often buried deep inside. Our habits are entirely unconsciousness. Even our ability to heal ourselves cannot be accessed by thought alone.

To heal, I help you enter altered states of consciousness that are accessed via various methods including hypnosis, breath, and sound.

As well as exploring your inner world, I assist you in bringing subconscious behaviours and patterns into consciousness. This allows you to make massive changes in your life.

We extend this process to help you become more aware of how you are in the world, how you react, and how you can adjust your behaviour to facilitate better outcomes.

All of this helps you heal and thrive.

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More than therapy or coaching

My approach is not clinical. When we meet you won’t feel like a lab rat. In fact, many people feel like they are meeting an old buddy.

Of course, it’s all professional. Just really comfortable.

You see, when people are comfortable they respond really quickly to new ideas and get great results, faster.

I’ve got a pile of experience and qualifications (and I can tell you all about them if you want). But, really, I use what works for you.

We might talk, walk, sit. I might introduce you to new practices and processes.

Whatever we do, you can feel safe knowing that it’s all backed by science and well tested.

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Client Testimonials

“Adam has helped me turn my life around. Adam is very caring I know a few people that have gone to him and they speak highly of him. He runs a very professional practice and I definitely always feel great after my visit with him. I cannot recommend Adam highly enough.”
Glenn P.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment and outcome. Adam really held the space for me to drop into the guided session, which helped me to release some old patterns. Highly recommend!”
Jason H.
“Adam has a calm and measured approach to his practice. He instills a trust and faith in his clients that enables them to receive what it is they are meant to during the session. An inner wisdom and abundance of life experience are conveyed in his practice, highly recommended.”
Glenn S.

Ready to thrive?

Release trauma, shame, anger, or whatever is holding you back, and step into the fullness of your life. 

Discover your full potential and investigate what it means to be a man in this modern world.