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The Stanecki School of Breath

The breath is the root of human life. When you learn how to breathe correctly you can overcome illness, change mental states, and explore the depths of personal development.

The Stanecki School of Breath teaches functional breathing for health and performance, and therapeutic breathwork for personal development.

All methods are scientifically validated and have been tested rigorously.

Breathing Method

For asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, and anxiety.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a simple and effective medicine-free method of treating asthma, breathing dysfunction, anxiety, stress, and sleep issues. It has been studied extensively and many scientific journals have published articles attesting to its safety, efficacy, and effectiveness.

The Method teaches you the correct way to breathe with easy-to-follow exercises. You can learn in a group or one-on -one.


For focus, concentration, and elite performance.

The Oxygen Advantage is effectively an extension of The Buteyko Breathing Method. It shares a number of exercises and adds many more with a focus on improving performance. The exercises can be used to improve performance at work, at home, as well as in athletic pursuits.

This method is perfect for individuals, organisations, and sports teams.


For inner work and personal development.

Breathwork is hugely popular right now. It offers a unique path into non-ordinary states of consciousness which allow for deep healing and personal growth.

My approach to breathwork is therapeutic. I use my extensive psychotherapy knowledge alongside breathwork to help you make the shifts you need to make in your life so that you can grow and thrive.

Selected videos

I publish videos regularly on my YouTube channel.
This selection provides an example of my approach to breath practice.

About me

My name is Adam Stanecki.

I am a Certified Instructor with Buteyko Clinic International, an Advanced Instructor in The Oxygen Advantage, and a trained breathwork practitioner and psychotherapist.

As a child, I struggled with severe asthma, which I managed to eliminate with my own breath practice. I have been interested in the breath for my whole life. Learning how to breathe correctly literally changed my life.

I teach the Buteyko Breathing Method to adults, teens, and children to naturally treat asthma, allergies, anxiety, and more.

I coach individuals, corporations and sports teams to perform better with functional breathing.

I host group and one-on-one breathwork sessions to help adults who are on the journey of self-actualisation and growth.

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Client Testimonials

“Adam has helped me turn my life around. Adam is very caring I know a few people that have gone to him and they speak highly of him. He runs a very professional practice and I definitely always feel great after my visit with him. I cannot recommend Adam highly enough.”
Glenn P.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment and outcome. Adam really held the space for me to drop into the guided session, which helped me to release some old patterns. Highly recommend!”
Jason H.
“Adam has a calm and measured approach to his practice. He instills a trust and faith in his clients that enables them to receive what it is they are meant to during the session. An inner wisdom and abundance of life experience are conveyed in his practice, highly recommended.”
Glenn S.

Ready to breathe easy?

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