How to conquer your asthma

Reclaim your breath with breath coaching

Learn how to use your own breath to ease symptoms,
prevent asthma attacks, reduce inhaler reliance, and feel better.

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The secret to treating and managing asthma

There’s a lot of stress and anxiety that comes with asthma. But, making a big difference is surprisingly simple:

Why you're still suffering

Look, it sucks having asthma. There are reasons that you’re stuck in the suffering cycle:

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Asthma breath coaching - calm breathing

What you need to do

Here’s the good news: you can quickly learn how to breathe better to reduce symptoms and feel better. Here’s what you need:

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This program includes exercises found in the Buteyko Breathing Method and expands it to include additional exercises found in pranayama and other traditions.

The program is all about learning how to breathe optimally. You will learn important breathing knowledge and simple exercises that reset your breathing and help you treat and manage symptoms.

The program is taught by Adam Stanecki, a former child asthmatic, certified Buteyko Method Instructor, pranayama instructor, martial artist, and more.

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You can start one-on-one coaching almost immediately.

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