I lead deep breathwork experiences that result in profound outcomes. With breathwork you can:

I offer dedicated breathwork services under my practice called Wholehearted Breathwork.

Are you ready to let go of what holds you back from being all that you can be?

Wholehearted Breathwork is a practice that can help you release deep trauma, unhelpful patterns, and self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

The practice is a simple as it is profound. Through guided attention to specific breathing patterns you are able to access non-ordinary states of consciousness which allow you to heal from the inside.

Each breathwork session is purposefully designed and delivered to give you the time and space and guidance to truly shift so that you can expand and thrive.

Breathwork has helped millions of people improve their health and wellbeing over thousands of years.

Wholehearted Breathwork honours the ancient ways while also harnessing modern techniques and science.

The patterns and practices that may be used in your sessions find their roots in pranayama, holotropic breathwork, qigong, martial arts, the Wim Hof method, and more.

My approach to breathwork is to provide a safe, compassionate healing space coupled with mindful attention and meaningful guidance.

I utilise experience accumulated over decades of study and practice to provide an experience that is profound and life changing, all supported by industry-leading qualifications and a deep calling to help others heal and thrive.