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A few important points

Asthma can be sneaky. One of the best strategies is to be prepared:

  • Be extremely careful of things that may trigger breathing difficulties like artificial scents, dust, dust mites, and pet hair.
  • Pay attention to the quality of sleep, poor sleep can indicate breathing issues. Tired children don’t often take care to breathe correctly.
  • Weather can set off symptoms like coughing and sneezing and tightness of the chest. Pay special attention during spring when the pollen is out.
  • Poor focus and concentration can be an issue for children with poor breathing quality, a calm home can really help.
  • Some foods can triggers asthma symptoms. Dairy is known to impact breathing. Paying attention to reactions to food can help you better understand how to make the best food choices.

Some simple strategies

When breathing is improved, asthma can be improved too. Here are some strategies that may help:

  • Breathing through your nose at all times is essential.
  • If the nose is blocked, seek methods to unblock the nose naturally. My favourite is the Nose Unblocking Exercise from the Buteyko Breathing Method.
  • Sleep is an essential aspects of wellness. Poor breathing can impact breathing and vice versa. Pay close attention to how your child is breathing.
  • Exercise is not a bad thing for asthmatics. You can likely help your child by introducing gentle exercise and progressing to more intense activity if it’s suitable. Get outdoors too.
  • Stay safe, if you need medical attention, get it!

Don't settle!

I see too many people settle for maintaining the status quo with their breathing and health and wellness. I implore you to seek answers and not settle! 

If you need help right now, please contact me and I will show you exactly what is possible.