In as little as four weeks, you can:

Do you feel stuck, like something is weighing you down, like you keep getting blocked from all that life offers?

This healing container will allow you to let go and create a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

It is purposefully designed to give you the time and space and guidance to truly shift your life so that you can expand and thrive.

We will meet for three sessions. 

Session 1 – Release

In session one, we will take some time to ensure you have a focused intention for this work. We will discuss what you want to let go of (perhaps trauma or shame or anxiety or something else). 

Then, I will guide you through a process of acceptance and release, involving neo-shamanic ceremony, breathwork, and trancework.

Session 2 – Integrate

In session two, we will move deeper into your inner work so that you can reconnect with your own inner wisdom and healing potential. 

You will learn how to integrate what you are learning into your life so that the lessons and new understanding can be applied in the real world. 

Session 3 – Expand

In session three, you will learn how to continue your own healing work and complete any remaining integration. We will also take the time to define your direction so that you have a clear path forward.

Check-in calls

Each session is followed by a check-in call to ensure you are fully supported through this work. 

I want you to be clear on what’s included and what’s involved and what you can expect. So, the first step is to arrange a free 30 minute call.

On this call, I’ll clearly explain the process to you and you can ask any questions you have so that you can make the right choice for you right now.