Asthmatic Child in Bed

Expert Strategies to Help Your Child with Asthma Sleep Soundly

If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night fretting over your child’s asthma symptoms, you’re not alone. I’ve been both the child and the adult in that picture. Of course you want to help your child with asthma sleep soundly.

I’m here to share some valuable insights and tips that can help both you and your little one catch those Zs with a lot more ease. We all know how crucial good sleep is for growing kids and our own sanity, so let’s dive into asthma-free nights together.

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Understanding Asthma and Sleep

Asthma can be an insidious troublemaker when it comes to a good night’s sleep. You’ve probably experienced those moments of hearing your child’s coughs and wheezes echoing through the house, making you wish you could just take it all away. In the end, you both don’t sleep.

Asthma symptoms tend to worsen at night due to various factors like hormonal changes and increased airway inflammation. Sometimes the temperature change has an effect (it always dod for me). It’s like asthma has a knack for choosing the worst possible timing. 

When you are better prepared, you set the whole house up for a better night’s sleep.

Creating an Asthma-Friendly Bedroom Environment

Your child’s bedroom should be their own little sanctuary for restful nights. Start by using hypoallergenic bedding and a mattress and pillow protector that keep the dust mites at bay. Ventilation is important too, so crack open a window during the day to let in some fresh air, and if you can keep it open just a little at night.

When it comes to the room temperature and humidity levels, you want to find the Goldilocks Zone – just right to prevent any unwanted asthma surprises during the night.

It’s important to remember that a child with asthma will sometimes have more symptoms when they are going to sleep so preparing their bedroom properly is essential.

Pre-Sleep Routine for Asthma Management

Wrangling kids into bedtime routines can feel like herding cats, but it’s worth it. Create a pre-sleep ritual that includes turning off devices at least an hour before bed, allowing time for everything to calm down, maybe even some gentle relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises from the Buteyko Method (see below). 

It might be hard to kick this off but your kids will thank you when they sleep through without coughing and wheezing.

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The Buteyko Method: A Natural Approach to Managing Asthma

Have you heard of the Buteyko Method? It might sound like a fancy dance move, but it’s actually a fantastic way to manage asthma naturally. Picture this: helping your child take control of their breathing, reducing the need for medications, and improving their sleep quality – all in one go! The Buteyko Method teaches techniques that focus on retraining the way we breathe, and can calm the body down.

The Buteyko Method is what I teach to help my clients overcome asthma. If you want to learn a whole lot more, click here for a detailed explanation.

Breathing Exercises for Better Sleep

The Buteyko Method teaches specific exercises to help normalise breathing and improve breathing quality. It’s definitely worth having your child learn these exercises as they have been proven to help children with asthma sleep better. But you might want something that you can use right now… 

The simplest breathing technique you can use to help your child breathe deeply and relax is called “pillow breathing”. Have your child lie on his or her back, close their mouth and breathe through their nose. Place a small pillow on their belly. As they breathe in the pillow rises, ad they breathe out the pillow falls. All your child has to do is breathe through the nose and focus on the pillow moving up and down. It’s almost like magic.

Communication with Your Healthcare Team

It’s important to keep your healthcare team in in the loop about any changes in your child’s symptoms, medication, or sleep patterns. Adding the Buteyko Method to your child’s asthma management plan? Let your instructor know too! They’re there to provide support and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Empowering Your Child

Remember, your child is the ultimate champion of their own health journey. Teach them about the Buteyko breathing exercises, explain what’s important, and involve them in their asthma management. Kids are amazing at adapting, and giving them tools to manage their asthma empowers them in a profound way.


So, take a deep breath – pun intended – and know that you’re not alone in this asthma journey. By integrating the Buteyko Method, creating a sleep-friendly environment, and communicating with healthcare providers, you’re setting the stage for nights filled with peaceful slumber, for both you and your little trooper.

If you feel like you need help to sleep tight, book a free breath discovery call and I’ll explain exactly how the Buteyko Method can help your child.

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