Adam Control Pause

Measure your breath quality with The Control Pause

The Control Pause is a cornerstone of the Buteyko Breathing Method, this simple yet profound measurement unveils the depths of your respiratory prowess.

The How-To: Navigating the Control Pause

Performing the Control Pause correctly requires a few steps, all of which contribute to a profound understanding of your breath:

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  1. Sit comfortably, with a straight spine. Somewhere you won’t get interrupted is best.
  2. Inhale and exhale a few normal breaths, letting your body settle into its innate rhythm.
  3. Following a gentle inhalation, allow your breath to flow out naturally until your lungs find a state of comfort in emptiness.
  4. Lightly close your airways by pinching your nose with your fingers. Start your timer or direct your gaze to a clock with a second hand.
  5. As your lips remain sealed, hold your breath. Allow it to linger without strain, embracing comfort.
  6. At the first inklings of a natural urge to inhale or a mild sensation of discomfort, release your nose and record the time in seconds.

Deciphering the Control Pause

The Control Pause unveils your breath quality. This measurement gauges your tolerance for carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your body.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Less than 10 seconds: over-breathing may have woven its way into your world.
  • 10-20 seconds: an indication of over-breathing tendencies.
  • 20-40 seconds: a good sign, with potential for enhancement.
  • 40 seconds or more: a testament to your breath’s control and efficiency.

The Perks

The Control Pause isn’t just a stopwatch game – it’s a journey towards enhanced wellness. Regular checks of your Control Pause provide insights into your respiratory prowess, it’s part of the map of patterns and health across time. Use the Control Pause to inform which Buteyko Breathing Method techniques are best for you.

Safety First

  • Let gentleness be your guide. Strain-free breath is the key.
  • If discomfort arises, rest and return to your natural rhythm.
  • If you grapple with conditions like anxiety or panic disorder, tread carefully. This technique may not be for everyone, as it can evoke feelings of breath limitation.
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