Men's coaching

For men who want to live life to the full.

Let’s face it, we men aren’t that great at asking for help. We often think we should do it all by ourselves, never show weakness, and always be there in support of others.

Often, we end up putting ourselves last, feeling empty and uncertain, and we’re unsure where it all went wrong.

Well, it hasn’t all gone wrong. You’re just a bit stuck. And I can help you reconnect with yourself so you can find clarity, calm, direction, and joy.

Whatever is going on for you – lack of purpose, difficulties at home, life transition, mental health challenges – I am here to help you.

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Find purpose, peace, and contentment

Today, many men are lost and unable to find the path to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

We’ve lost touch with purpose and meaning. We’ve been pushed off course by a modern narrative that does not serve.

Many of us have done what we were told would make us men. We’ve studied, worked, built, provided, protected, accomplished. And yet, we still feel unfulfilled.

It time to find another way. A way that not only makes us better men, a way that serves those who mean the most to us.

Through dedication, focus, and work, you can create for yourself a life that’s full of meaning and purpose, as well as peace and contentment.

You can create a life that is balanced and harmonious and still exciting and fun.

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Reconnect with your masculinity

As boys, we were taught the foundations of being men. Sometimes we were taught explicitly. Sometimes just by paying attention. Some of those lessons were good. Many weren’t.

We’ve become a generation of men who have become disconnected from what it is to truly be a man. We’ve been told that masculinity is toxic, that we’re too aggressive, that we don’t feel our emotions. We are confused and uncertain.

You now have the opportunity to move beyond what you were taught and reconnect with what it is to be a man, a great man.

You can remember what is it the lights the firs in your belly, how to express yourself, how to communicate what you are feeling, how to get what you want.

And you can do all of this while still being mindful of others, providing for family, and contributing in a meaningful way.

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Dive into wholehearted manhood

I use the term wholehearted to explain how every man can get the most out of his life. Wholehearted means going all in. It’s the opposite of being half-assed.

Being wholehearted is about taking full responsibility for your life, being true to yourself, becoming curious, accepting things as they are and forging ahead, and living from a place of love.

I can help you immerse yourself in the full experience of your life as a man. You will find clarity, peace, and contentment.


To learn more about the events that I offer, please follow the Wholehearted Men Facebook Page and join The Circle of Wholehearted Men Facebook group.


To investigate how I can help you man-to-man, please book a call and we will have a quick chat about what you want to work on and how I might best be of service.

If you’re not sure about coaching, we can always start with breathwork.