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The Middle Podcast
The Middle
#032 - Take a breath

Join Andy and Roger as they inhale the wisdom of Adam Stanecki – The Breath Geek. Adam shares how breath is central to literally everything, from how we function day to day, to how we perceive the world in general. It’s one of the most fundamental yet overlooked elements of our lives.

Adam shares his experience and love of coaching! Andy and Roger realise that breathing is not just about survival, it’s a cornerstone of our wellbeing, performance and even emotional state. It’s at the heart of the mind body connection we are all striving to align in our lives. As Adam states, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle that is right in front of most people.

Creativity Uncovered
Creativity: uncovered
Breathing Through Creative Blocks

Do you ever think about your breathing?

My guest, Adam Stanecki, sure does.

Adam is a trained breathwork practitioner who joined me on Creativity: Uncovered to talk about functional breathing and its impact on your physical state, stress, and creativity.

He shares how becoming more aware of your breathing, and taking steps to actively control it, can help you get into a creative state and break through creative blocks.

Daddy and Aiden
interviews with daddy and aiden
Breathing Beyond Limits - Unleashing the Power of Breath with the Breath Geek

Just breathe…and tune in to our incredible interview with the Breath Geek Adam Stanecki, also known as Breath with Adam!

This is a must listen for any parents and/or kids with breathing troubles, asthma, or those that want to learn how to use breath work to excel in wellness and sport.  

Adam also teaches Daddy and Aiden some great breath exercises to improve your breathing!

Self Discovery Podcast
YH23-30 Adam Stanecki: The Breath Geek
What's Your Superpower
what's your superpower
Ep#11 - Breathe Easy with Adam Stanecki
Life, Health, And The Universe
Life, Health & The Universe
Geeking Out On Breathing with Guest, Adam Stanecki
mira dessy - the ingredient guru
The Mind Body Breath Connection with Adam Stanecki

We don’t often think about breathing because we see it as something that just happens. It turns out that our breath is much more important than we realise.

In this episode I chat with Adam Stanecki, The Breath Geek as he teaches us how to Breathe Different.

the campfire project
The Breath Geek

An unfiltered conversation with Campfire Project founder and host, Alan Stevens.

mindfit podcast

Coming Soon.


The Harder Shaft
secret men's business
165 - Entering Your Heart

In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we talk to healing coach, Adam Stanecki about entering the heart to heal. 

Adam Stanecki has investigated over 25 years learning how to live the best life possible. He has done a whole lot of work on himself, and helped thousands of people on their journeys too.

Mindset Mastery
mindset mastery
Living In Your Heart Space

Today on the show, Wholehearted men’s coach, Adam Stanecki, joins me to talk about living in your head versus living in your heart.

He has a background in hypnosis, NLP, psychotherapy, as well as fitness and wellness coaching.

Get Off The Bench
get off the bench
Holding Wholehearted Space For Men

For almost 30 years, Adam Stanecki has been investigating how to live the best life possible. He began by doing a lot of work on himself, and has since helped thousands of people on their journeys too.

Adam now holds space and provide guidance as a Wholehearted Men’s Coach, so that he can support men to be all that they can be, and in turn be of great service to the world.

Coaches To The Moon
coaches to the moon
038 - Wholehearted Healing That Comes From Nature

Adam Stanecki is a men’s coach from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and host of the Wholehearted podcast.

He uses a whole bunch of practices from hypnosis, meditation, NLP and traditional Chinese medicine to help me be all that they can be.

Talking With The Experts
talking with the experts
EP #236 Adam Stanecki - Living a Wholehearted Life

By going all-in – in life and business – we can experience the fullness of life and better contribute to the outcomes of others. In business, we can live our truth while better connecting with co-workers, and completing more fulfilling work.