Stress Relief For Teachers

Imagine that all teachers had a simple way to achieve stress relief. Teachers would be calmer and more focused. Both the teachers and their students would benefit.

Breathing can help teachers relieve stress and improve performance by calming the nervous system and focusing the mind.

Often busy people are taught complicated processes that are meant to relieve stress. Unfortunately, complicated methods add stress. This breathing practice is simple and effective.

Watch the below video to learn one simple exercise that you can use to help relieve stress.

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About The Breath Geek

Adam Stanecki is The Breath Geek, he is a certified Buteyko instructor, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, pranayama teacher, and Breathwork facilitator. He also has a pile of other qualifications in fitness, mental health, and therapy.

Most importantly, he is a recovered asthmatic. He survived numerous life threatening asthma attacks as a young child, and taught himself how to breathe before he discovered the systems he now teaches. This first hand experience means he knows exactly what he is talking about and how to help your feel better.

Adam Stanecki - The Breath Geek
Buteyko Clinic Instructor

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